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Your business needs a strategic plan. To operate your business without proper planning results in a daily operation without a goal. Are you looking to produce minimum profit each month from your business or are you looking to grow. The activity of creating a strategic plan results in steps that you will take over the course of each year to compete in the global market place. For those of you that think you are competing in a local market, the Internet has bridged the world as your new market.

The good news is that you have the whole world where you can capture new sales. You have to decide what products and services you will sell to what markets. This is where your strategic plan comes into your business management activities. As a business owner, do you know who your competitors are? How much market share do you have? How much market share do your competitors have? How will you increase your customers resulting in a larger market share?

Corporation Associates, Inc. continuously researches industries on the global stage. Our Associates are looking for shifts in the economy, new business startups, business failures, as well as regulations that help or hinder industries, and more.

A word about pricing. One of the largest causes of business failure is pricing. Our Associates find that many small businesses will price themselves out of business. If you are not covering your costs with the amount that you charge your customers, you will not be able to sustain your business long term. Pricing you products and services should be evaluated on a regular basis. Our Associates can help you stay on top of the four critical key area so that you can run successful marketing campaigns. They are: product, price, place and promotion.

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